HopeHarbor: Pale Blue Dot® Recruitment & Cope Galway Partnership

Pale Blue Dot® Recruitment continues its partnership with Cope Galway. This is the sixth year that the agency has partnered with Cope Galway, and the name of this year’s project-based initiative is  HopeHarbor.

Pale Blue Dot® Recruitment has an established relationship built on trust and mutual goals with Cope Galway and is committed to making a lasting impact in the Galway community. The mission of HopeHarbor is to foster hope and support with the most vulnerable communities in Galway by supporting and fundraising for their Charity partner.

Naming the initiative, Managing Director Anthony Griffin stated “This year’s initiative, HopeHarbor adds a symbolic touch, implying a safe harbor or refuge for those in need. We aim to focus not only on providing immediate support but also on creating a sustainable, nurturing environment for vulnerable communities in Galway through the Charity work we do. The involvement of Pale Blue Dot® Recruitment in fundraising, donating, and voluntary activities underscores the dedication to making a difference beyond core business activities. This active participation sets a positive example for other businesses in the community, encouraging a culture of corporate social responsibility and community engagement. The partnership between Pale Blue Dot® Recruitment and Cope Galway demonstrates the power of collaboration between businesses and nonprofit organizations in addressing social challenges.”

Pale Blue Dot® Recruitment are looking forward to supporting COPE Galway for the foreseeable future through various fundraising and awareness initiatives. Since 2019, Pale Blue Dot ® Recruitment have fundraised / donated over €30,000 for the Galway Charity.

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