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By entering my details below I hereby authorise [The Company] Pale Blue Dot Recruitment Limited to act on my behalf as an agency and as per the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, to store and utilise my personal data provided for the following purposes:

o of obtaining employment,
o and / or being informed of potential employment opportunities,
o and / or to receive marketing content that is relevant to me,
o to work with Third party service providers such as banking institutes, applicant tracking systems and other technology service providers

so that I may fulfil an employment opportunity and/ or employment obligations .

I acknowledge that Pale Blue Dot Recruitment Limited will take necessary precautions to ensure that my personal data is manged appropriately and understand my right to be informed of how my personal data will be processed, my right to access data that the Company may have on me, my right to rectify inaccurate or incomplete data, my right to erase data on me, my right to restrict further processing of data on me and my right to data portability.

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Our doors are open anytime to register professional candidates and prospective clients to discuss requirements. Candidates who are interested in temporary work and permanent positions for general operative and admin roles must meet the following criteria and will be contacted in due course by a member of staff.

We encourage all prospective candidates to register via the online portal.

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