Conker The Planet 2022 – A Pale Blue Dot® Recruitment Green Initiative

As part of our green initiative over the past 3 years, Pale Blue Dot® Recruitment  have been planting growing Horse Chest Nut Trees and this year we have takin it to the next level. The goal this year is to plant 200 trees. After a recent windy day in Galway, the first batch of conquers have been picked, cleaned and are now ready for planting. Over 100 Conkers will be planted over the coming weeks with another 100 to be sourced for processing by month end! We are all getting involved !!



The Mighty Conker is very resilient  and once they germinate , can grow into a tree that will live between two and three hundred years! Check out this link HERE for interesting facts on this species of tree. They are also fantastic for supporting the local ecosystem. More to follow!!

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