Pale Blue Dot® Recruitment announces Partnership with the Irish Wildlife Trust

Pale Blue Dot® Recruitment is proud to announce a corporate partnership with the Irish Wildlife Trust. The Irish Wildlife Trust (IWT) is an non-governmental organisation and Charity that works to conserve wildlife and habitats throughout Ireland. Founded in 1979, the charity encourages a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world and the need to protect it.

Anthony Griffin the MD of Pale Blue Dot Recruitment explains “We acknowledge the importance of maintaining and nurturing the habitats and wildlife throughout the country. The Irish Wildlife Trust has been working for over 40 years to minimise the human impact on wildlife and the marine environment and have evidence based policies and frameworks in place that advocate for the best possible conservation outcomes. This new partnership demonstrates our commitment to raising awareness of Ireland’s rich natural heritage and protecting it.”

The new partnership means that Pale Blue Dot® Recruitment will be actively involved in promoting IWT events, and has committed employee time to volunteer activities over the next 12 months. The next IWT event in Galway will be held on Thursday 21st of November 6.30pm to 8.30pm in the D’Arcy Thompson Theatre, Concourse (Arts/Science Building), NUIG. All are welcome.

For more information about the Irish Wildlife Trust visit

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